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I'm a photographer of colour.

Born in Bradford and raised in Tottenham.

My interests lie in colonialism, the post-colonial landscape and how this affects us today. I give voice to people and unearth places and faces that are all too often invisible or forgotten to the outsiders. I work from the conviction that a portrait is, as far as possible, an act of common engagement, and only through a long-term obligation to a place and to a community can a meaningful series of photographs be made. My intention is to contribute to a wider understanding of these groups, to respect them as individuals and to counter the ignorance and prejudice that often attaches to them thus approaching my craft with humility, care, respect and honesty. At the same time, exploring the notions of portraiture.

I've exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery, Getty Gallery, The Jerwood Space as well as galleries in Poland, USA and China. I’ve just completed a solo show at the Luminic Festival in Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

Editorial & commisioned work consists of clients such as Time magazine, The Times, The Guardian, Stella, Brown Book and Alef magazine as well as organisations such as HelpAge, Sky, Heathrow, WCF, the Houses of Parliament and many more.